Who am I

Imma Software Engineer, Gamer, Instigator.

If you want learn more about me talk to my bot:

Public Projects

​I am currently Staff Engineer at @Emburse, with primary focus on the Abacus Platform. Most of the software I write at work is not public, however feel free to take a look at some of the projects that I have completed in my free time:

Mock Trading Client Angular

GitHub, May 2019 - June 2021

This is a demo project developed which helps you learn Angular (version 12) by creating a mock trading application.

RPG chat bot

GitHub, Apr 2017

RPG chat bot is a role playing game which uses Microsoft bot framework as a platform through which the users can play a Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. The goal of the game is to get to the castle located in the center of the map and kill the evil Prince. That bot is in the role of a game master and he guides the players on their destiny.
RPG chat bot was developed for the Infusion Bot Competition.


GitHub, Jul 2012 - Current; followed by 5 people; forked 3 times

This is the IndexedDb example from html5rocks , fixed to work on Firefox and with two new functionalities for viewing details data and updating values. You can view the working sample on the following link .


GitHub, Nov 2013 - Current

JavaScript bot that tries to recognize input and answers your questions

Story from one room

Youtube, Fev 2009

Documentary movie about Blaze Koneski life

For the needs of subject Multimedia at Institute of Informatics group of students need to make a movie about cultural heritage of Macedonia. My group has decided to make movie about Blaze Koneski, one of the most distinguished Macedonian poets. I have made the web site for presentation of the movie and uploaded clips on my YouTube channel or see the full movie on my Vimeo page.